Additional information

Additional information

The operating principle

The heat pump is an electric machine that exploits the thermo-dynamic cycle of the cooling fluid, transferring the heat from a low-temperature source to an environment characterised by higher temperature. In short, the thermal energy which is available in the air in unlimited quantity, is exploited to heat the building or domestic hot water.

The electric energy that supplies the heat pumps is only used to enable the compressor and other auxiliary devices.

Example of energy balance for a heat pump with COP of 4

The Inverter technology

In general, heat pumps reduce the heating capacity when the outdoor air temperature drops, when the heat demand of a building increases.

The inverter technology is able to compensate the lower thermal performance at low temperatures, increasing the rotation speed of the compressor. Vice versa, when the outdoor air temperature increases, the inverter modulates the frequency, adapting the power supplied to the required heat demand and drastically reducing the electric consumptions.

The advantages of the inverter system are multiple:

  • no need to over-size the heat pump;
  • great energy efficiency in seasonal use;
  • more stable temperature and therefore improved comfort.

The widest range on the market

Mitsubishi Electric boasts the largest range of heating solutions with hydronic heat pumps available on the market. With Ecodan® it is possible to satisfy any application need from residential independent systems (with split and packaged systems) up to large systems (with VRF system), always ensuring utmost design flexibility.

Zubadan technology

Ecodan® heat pump systems ensure high performances also at low temperatures.

Thanks to the exclusive "Flash Injection" device integrated to Zubadan and Packaged units (size 112 and 140), the supplied power is kept constant up to -7°C.

The high delivery temperature up to 60°C allows the quick and efficient accumulation of domestic hot water also at low temperatures. The great energy efficiency of Ecodan® heat pumps is achieved thanks to the extraordinary technology present in each component.

Heat Recovery

VRF CITY MULTI system of R2 series offers utmost freedom and flexibility in designing and use: cooling an area while another is heated. Our exclusive BC distributor provides cooling and heating at the same time. The BC distributor represents the technological core of VRF CITY MULTI system R2 series. In fact, a gas and liquid separator is located in it, thus allowing the outdoor unit to carry a hot gas mix for heating and a liquid mix for cooling, entirely through the same pipe. This innovation prevents in practical terms, to waste the heat energy content which would be exhausted outside.

HWS hydronic module: Two-Stage technology

HWS hydronic module works according to a variant of the two-stage compression principle; in fact, the original principle has been known for quite some time, but as of today, it has been applied only for cooling, to reach extremely low temperatures, up to -60°C. Mitsubishi Electric has instead re-designed the circuit of 2-stage machines for the production of heat at medium and high temperature, from 30°C up to 70°C, the opposite of what has been done so far. This solution allows to obtain high energy efficiency values and high hot water temperatures at the same time, which cannot be attained with the traditional heat pumps currently available on the market.