From the boiler to the heat pump

Dalla caldaia alla pompa di calore

Dalla caldaia alla pompa di calore

Example of energy balance for a heat pump with COP of 4

An ecologic and economic choice

The European community is pursuing the goal to reach 20% reduction of consumptions of primary energy and CO2 emissions, using 20% of renewable energy by 2020.

The heat pumps, being renewable heat sources, will give a decisive contribution to attain said goals, since:

  • they boast an energy efficiency higher than 60% compared to traditional systems of combustion type;
  • do not release CO2 in the installation place;
  • use the renewable energy present in the air.


* Using a performance value of the national thermoelectric supplies of 0.46


Source: emission coefficient provided by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan

A choice for comfort

Ecodan® heat pump transfers the outdoor heat into the environment, using water as vector: this way, it ensures the same comfort of traditional systems of combustion type. An exclusive, sophisticated and at the same time user-friendly temperature control system, it ensures thermic stability and energy efficiency. Moreover, the standard quiet operation of the units contributes to maintain high acoustic comfort.

The advantages of the heat pumps

The choice to produce and use a heating, cooling and hot water system with heat pump allows to enjoy numerous advantages and benefits:

For the manufacturer – A heat pump system consumes less primary energy and therefore allows to improve the energy efficiency class of a building. This allows on one hand to increase the value of a building and potentially be eligible for local incentives, volumetric bonuses, etc…

For the installer – Being able to conceive a single heat pump system for heating, cooling and production of domestic hot water means to stand out, offering a convenient system with low operating costs.

For the user – The heat pump allows to obtain the traditional comfort of combustion systems combined to energy and economic saving, and to dispose of a modern and ecologic system.

A quality choice

Entrusting the production of heating, cooling and domestic hot water to a single supplier, means placing utmost trust in the fulfilment of expectations: this is the reason why to choose Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Electric Quality has been synonymous of experience, meticulous research, high reliability in time and guaranteed performances for over 90 years.